Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Stained Glass Restoration

Glass is a fragile substance that can be easily damaged in many ways. Apart from chipping and cracking, stained glass is also prone to damage from chemical dissolution of the elements and exposure to sun, moisture, wind and frost. This fragility makes it necessary for the restoration of old stained-glass work. Restoration of stained glass as well as creating new glass involve almost same procedure. There are few differences to be kept in mind.

In glass restoration work, both the style of the original work done to restore the glass and the techniques used have to be taken into consideration. Secondly, restoration work should begin with an accurate estimate of the damage and what needs to be done. Thirdly, you have to preserve the undamaged parts of the glass which is another essential part while restoring the glass. Thus, you have to just repair or replace the damaged portion. This work indirectly means that much care should be taken to restore than a fresh work.

A lot more accuracy and precision will be needed to fit in the replacing new piece into the original framework. In case of creating a new piece of glass doesn’t involve damaging or losing the part. But, while restoring the glass, you will be at risk of damaging or even destroying an existing piece. The extent of the resulting loss depends on the antiquity and value of the item concerned.

The actual procedure and steps involved in restoration work will depend on various factors such as the nature and extent of damage of glass and the age of the damaged piece. There are few things common to all restoration work. The first step in any restoration process is to clean the glass item carefully by removing the damaged portions. Sometimes, these chipped and broken pieces are used to reassemble them to get some idea about their structure. You can use them as a template for making a new piece.

Once, you have prepared the new piece, you will have to check whether it will fit in that part of glass and adjust it accordingly. Once the new piece is ready in all respects, solder it in place and clean the entire item. If the original piece was painted, you may have to paint the new piece in order to match with the original piece.

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